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Discovering more is about just that – discovering more! Lifting the lid on some interesting places and people, cultures and cuisines.


We all have travel books and guides and they are good at telling you what to see and where to go, but not why. If you have ever wanted to know the story behind the guide or the recipe then this site is for you. If you have ever thought “I wish I knew why…” read on!


Whether you are visiting a country on holiday, planning to move there or are already a resident then there is always more to discover.


The first place to get the Discovering More treatment is


Dubai and the United Arab Emirate


This is a fascinating place, rich in native culture and high on contrast. Dubai is more than the skyscrapers and 5* luxury hotels. We will look at its History, Culture, Religion, Parks and Gardens.


We start with some interesting walks around Dubai Creek - further topics will be added later.





Take the path less travelled by...