Hindu Lane


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Hindu Lane

Before leaving the museum area, you may wish to have a quick detour to visit Hindu Lane along side the Hindu Temple. Take the alley opposite Dubai Museum, off Ali Bin Abi Taleb Street and down the side of the Grand Mosque.


Take this alley to reach Hindu Lane

This alley turns left into Hindu Lane which runs along the side of the Hindu Temple. It is full of little shops selling items for puja – or prayer/worship. Typically this is fruit, a flower garland (often marigolds) and milk. There are ready made sets for sale as well as lots of pictures and statues of Hindi gods.




Hindu Lane


Retrace your steps to return to the Museum to end this walk. You can hail a taxi here, return to your car or walk a short way to Al Faheidi Metro station.

If you want to continue your exploration, then carry on with Walk 2 - leaving Hindu Lane to explore the Fabric Souk. At the end of Hindu Lane turn right and then left to enter the Fabric Souk



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