Discovering More .... Dubai


Throughout the souks and in and around the roads you will be approached by many young men selling ‘copy’ watches and ‘copy’ handbags. If you are interested they will take you to a shop – usually above another or down an alley. These goods are all copies. If you say you are not interested they will leave you alone.

This area of the city almost feels like India or Pakistan, and is a world away from the marble and gilt shopping malls and hotels. It is much scruffier that the glitzy malls and feels more lived in. You will see men pulling wooden barrows piled high with goods, boxes stacked by the road and pick-up trucks overloaded with boxes


Transporting Goods from the Dhows

The goods have usually been off-loaded from the dhows lined up along the creek.

 Dubai Quay

Make your way back to the Creek and take a walk along the quay. You can see a wide variety of goods –‘fridges and microwaves, tractor tyres, mattresses, sacks of almonds, crates of juice – anything that can be traded and money made.  




On some of the older boats you can see the wooden ‘chairs’ hung over the back of the boat for ablutions.

A large number of the dhows trade with Iran – bringing in cargos of pistachios, raisins, courgettes etc and leaving with televisions, shampoo and toothpaste. Other destinations include Pakistan, Oman and India – if you have seen Michael Palin’s series ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ you may remember he took a dhow from Dubai to India.


Trading Dhow

In the small lanes behind the creek are many small wholesalers that deal with the goods off-loaded at the creek.


Rice Wholesaler

Return to Bur Dubai by Abra. Walk 2 ends here. You can continue your exploration with Walk 3 - walk along the creek on the Bur Dubai side towards Al Ghubaiba - turn right once across the Creek. There is a cafe along the creek side if you need a break.