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Shindagha Heritage Area


This walk starts by the Al Ghubaiba Marine Station and close to the Al Ghubaiba metro.


Shindagha Heritage Area

The Shindagha Area by the Creek was settled early in the history of Dubai and is now being developed as a Heritage Area to provide visitors with an insight on life before the rapid developments driven by the oil wealth. There are a couple of museums here as well Heritage and Diving Villages.

The first building you might notice is a watch tower. The Al Shindagha Watch Tower was built in 1939 and restored by the Dubai Municipality in 1994. This is one of three watchtowers that used to guard Dubai.

Al Shindagha Watch Tower


Early settlers

When the Al Maktoums settled by the mouth of the Creek in the early 19th century they built homes using mud bricks (guss) and roofed with palm fronds.

Rooms usually opened onto an airy central courtyard restricted to family use.

Male guests were entertained in a separate majlis (meeting room). Later gypsum, stone, coral and shells were used. The width of the early rooms was limited by the wood available and averaged 3.5m. Chandal (mangrove) poles used for roof structures were obtained locally or imported.

From the Watch Tower, walk along the side of the Creek towards the mouth to reach the Heritage Houses. The first Heritage House that you are directed to (watch for the large sign post near the vistors centre (not open yet) has been restored and the rooms have displays that explain the ideas behind traditional architecture and the building methods used.