Where to see Camels

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Where to see Camels

Whilst in Dubai you are unlikely to see camels - this is a large westernised city full of skyscrapers and fast roads. However, most people like to see and even ride a camel as part of their visit.

Desert Tours

Many tour companies offer desert safaris that include the opportunity for a short camel ride - as well as other experiences such as dune bashing.



Camel markets

Dubai Camel Market – visit before 11am to catch the noisy chaotic market in full swing – open daily 7am – 10pm Lisaili area near Dubai Camel Racing Club Dubai-Al Ain Road


Dubai Camel Market

Al Ain Camel Market The largest camel market in the Emirates is in Al-Ain. It is open from 7am - 1pm and can be found off the Wadi Al Ain Road, SE on the city. If you are in Al Ain, you can see camels and have a camel ride at the Al Ain Zoo.

Al Ain Zoo

Al Ain Zoo is an excellent zoo and a great trip put especially for children. As well as their many other attractions, camel rides are available.

Dubai Opportunities

At holiday times there may well be a camel on the edge of the Bastakiya area and by the Heritage Village in Shindaghu – these are for tourist photos. Occasionally, Camel Rides are available along the beach at Jumeriah Beach Residences (JBR)



Camel near Heritage Village


tFor a longer camel ride – head out to the secluded Al Sahra Equestrian centre for a 40 min private excursion on camel back. Al Sahra Equestrian Centre Jebel Ali Lehbab Road Dhs 350 person.

If you drive out of the city, you may also see camels in the desert. On the road out to Al Ain from Dubai you will pass several camel farms and see camels around in the dunes. Also look out for camels being transported in the back of pick up trucks!

Camel Milk and Camel Meat

Most grocery shops and supermarkets sell camel milk if you want to try it. Some coffee outlets in Dubai now also offer a range of their coffees made using camel milk - just ask the barista and try a camel milk cappuccino!

Camel meat is sometimes available for sale in supermarkets - cook it as for tough beef.

You can try camel meat in som eof the restaurants in the Bastakiya area.





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